Rivière House

attachmentWEBSITE: http://www.rivierehouseandcottagesnevis.com/

  • Rivière House Restaurant is located toward the upper end of Government Road just east of the town centre of Charlestown and offers a relaxed dining experience and free Wi-Fi. We intend to construct eight two-bedroom cottages along with two one-bedroom cottages on the land behind the parking area which will complement this development.
  • Cottages available and pricing
  • The units are likely be easy to let and we estimate each will bring in an annual income of US$4000 – 5000.  The property must be retained for 5 years; thereafter it can be sold and the passport retained.
  • The Principal Applicant
  • Property cost –   $550,000.00
  • Legal fees –  4%.
  • Government fees for application forms (C1-C4) – $250.00
  • Government Citizenship fees for applicant –  $50,000.00
  • Government Due Diligence background checks & processing fees – $7,500.00