• Mariposa Residence is located on Morne Rouge Bay. The beach at Mariposa Residence, with it’s unparalleled beauty, is truly a sunny paradise! The architectural design embodies the charming essence of a Mediterranean village, with buildings allocated on gentle slopes that give the entire resort a unique European flavour.

  • Mariposa Residence is surrounded by gardens that include a wide variety of tropical palms, plants and flowers. The broad selection of flora breathes life to a spectacular relaxing atmosphere, which brings our awe-inspired guests in total harmony with nature. Mariposa Residence is arranged in such a peculiar way, that provides each building with the perfect levels to view the bay and beautiful sunsets, and adds to its exceptional design. The structure was expertly designed; the entire structure was placed on a concrete base suspended over the cliff which is completely invisible to any view. This also prevents any potential humidity problem, (for there is no contact with the soil), and it strengthens the structure against poor weather conditions. To ensure that our residents can truly enjoy an amazing experience; exceptional care was taken in constructing a new recreational facility, which sits in a lush tropical garden just opposite to the apartment buildings. It offers even wider views of the white sandy beach of Morne Rouge, and the dazzling sight of Grand Anse Beach and the town of St. George’ s. The beautiful location allows our visitors to enjoy a steady refreshing ocean breeze.
  • Mariposa Residence consists of eight (8) two story buildings connected by stairs, paved with original white stones imported from Carriacou; The apartments are located in seven buildings on three different levels.