Citizenship By Investment: Grenada

With year round sunshine, stunning beaches and fantastic scenery, Grenada is a gem just waiting to be discovered. Located the Caribbean Sea and part of the West Indies, Grenada is made up of the main island of Grenada itself, in addition to six smaller islands spread out to the north of it.The main island of Grenada covers 348.5 square kilometres (134.6 square miles), and has a population of around 108,000 people. The capital is a vibrant, historic and fascinating little town call St. George’s.

Grenada is affectionately known as the “Island of Spice” thanks to its large scale production and export of mace crops and nutmeg. The national bird of Grenada is the Grenada dove which is critically endangered.

In 2013 the island redeveloped, restructured and re-launched its Citizenship by Investment Programme which has gone from strength to strength ever since. It offers a particularly popular option for foreigners who are attracted by the unique visa-free travel opportunities available to Grenada’s citizens. The Programme is run by the Citizenship by Investment Committee (CBIC).

Enjoy the benefits

Individuals who have achieved citizenship of Grenada through investment can avail of many popular benefits including:

  • Well respected citizenship by investment programme that’s internationally recognised and established in the laws and regulations of Grenada
  • Dual citizenship and a second passport
  • Applications can include multiple family members
  • Visa-free travel to more than 130 countries and territories including Russia, China, Europe’s Schengen Area, the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Low taxes, for example no capital gains tax, gift tax or inheritance tax
  • Relaxed life away from the rat race in a socially, politically and economically secure country

Why choose to invest in Grenada?

Investment opportunities in Grenadaspecifically are varied and highly attractive. They include:

  • Fast application processing time
  • Citizenship for life, with rights to live and work in Grenada
  • Dual citizenship under the law of Grenada
  • The ability to pass on citizenship to future generations
  • No interview or business requirements
  • No language requirements
  • No need to reside in Grenada after, before or during the application
  • The ability to become an investor under the USA’s exclusive E-2 Visa

Who can apply?

Grenada welcomes applications from individuals of all nationalities who are over 18, of good moral character and who are in good general health.

Individuals can submit an application with family members, such as a spouse or any children (as long as they’re under 30 years old). Parents or grandparents aged over 55 can also apply, providing they are dependent on the applicant and are currently living with them. Certain concessions can be arranged for children over age 30 but who are still dependent on the applicant due to disability.

The Process: Quick Summary

At any time during your application for second citizenship in Grenada, the team at Citizenship by Investment will be happy to answer any questions you may have and assist with the paperwork. This will ensure a smooth, timely application process will as little hassle as possible.

As a guide, here at the steps involved:

Step 1: Speak to us at CBI so we can help you begin the application process. We will also check and pre-approve your paperwork before you actually submit it

Step 2: Submit the application to the authorities in Grenada

Step 3:The application is processed alongside due diligence checks. Generally these checks take only a maximum of 3 months

Step 4: Approval in principle is made

Step 5:Investment is made in real estate or a donation is submitted to the National Transformation Fund (NTF)

Step 6: Citizenship is granted, complete with a certificate

Step 7: An application can be submitted for a passport

Options for Investment in Grenada

Citizenship by investment in Grenada can be achieved in two ways, via:

  • The purchase of pre-approved real estate;
  • A one-off contribution to the National Transformation Fund (NTF)

Option 1: Investment in Real Estate

Applicants can purchase real estate on Grenada but it must be Government-approved.

When it comes to real estate investment there are two options: (1) an independent investment in pre-approved real estate or (2) a joint investment in pre-approved tourism accommodation.Whichever case the applicant chooses, the investment must be retained for no less than three years from the date that citizenship is awarded.

With both options, there are set Government fees which apply:

  • Family of a maximum of 4 people: USD 50,000
  • Each additional family member: USD 25,000

Minimum Investment

Independent Investment in Pre-Approved Real Estate: USD 400,000

Joint Investment in Pre-Approved Tourist Accommodation: USD 220,000

Due Diligence Fees

Main Applicant: USD 5,000

Spouse: USD 5,000

Dependants aged 17 years or over: USD 5,000

Application Fees

Main Applicant: USD 1,500

Dependant: USD 1,000

Processing Fees

Main Applicant: USD 1,500

Dependants aged 17 years or over: USD 1,500

Dependants aged 16 years or under: USD 500

Option 2:National Transformation Fund (NTF)

Applicants choosing this option must pay a non-refundable lump sum donation to the NTF. This is widely considered to be the quickest route to citizenship of Grenada.

The NTF was launched in 2013 in partnership with the Citizenship by Investment Programme. It was specifically designed to boost Grenada’s economy by making it more prosperous, diversified and resilient.

Minimum Contribution

Main applicant: USD 150,000

Main applicant and spouse: USD 200,000

Family of up to four members: USD 200,000

Due Diligence Fees

Main Applicant: USD 5,000

Spouse: USD 5,000

Dependants aged 17 years or over: USD 5,000

Application Fees

Main Applicant: USD 1,500

Dependant: USD 1,000 (each)

Processing Fees

Main Applicant: USD 1,500

Dependants aged 17 years or over: USD 1,500

Dependants aged 16 years or under: USD 500

Why choose the team at Citizenship by Investment?

The CBI is highly skilled and experienced in every part of the citizenship by investment process. We understand the financial impacts and legality of such a process and offer helpful, impartial advice that’s second to none.

We take the time to understand your situation and requirements, before providing a bespoke solution that’s tailor-made to you. Working with a range of clients and associates, we will help you decide on the best options to suit, whether you’re an experienced investor or just testing the water.

So if you’re ready to start your journey to a second citizenship by investment, why not contact the team today using our handy contact form.