Citizenship by Investment in the Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominica is a Caribbean island in the West Indies boasting glorious year round sunshine, stunning beaches and enchanting tropical rainforests. It also offers a very attractive citizen investment scheme.

With an incredible 91 miles of coastline, active thermal lakes and a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, Dominica has long been a favourite for holiday makers and ex-pats alike.

Following both French and British rule over its history, Dominica achieved independence from the UK in 1978. It is a member of the UN (United Nations), Commonwealth of Nations, CARICOM (the Caribbean Community), the International Organisation of La Francophonie, OECS (the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States), and the OAS (the Organisation of American States).It has a parliamentary democracy with a Presidential head of state, and also enjoys a vibrant culture, with both African and European traditions.

Where is Dominica located?

Dominica is situated between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is roughly halfway between Trinidad and Tobago and Puerto Rico.

The island is within easy reach of Europe and the US, with flights stopping over in Puerto Rico (SJU), St Maarten (SXM), Antigua (ANU), Martinique (FDF), Barbados (BGI) and Guadeloupe (PTP).
Citizenship by investment

Dominica has been offering citizenship by investment since 1993. The program itself is very well established and means an individual and their family will have full citizenship in exchange for afinancial contribution to the country.

Applicants who are successful will also enjoy visa-free travel to around 120 countries including the UK, EU, Singapore, Hong Kong and Brazil.

Minimum requirements:

To apply for citizen by investment in Dominica, an applicant must:
• Be aged 18 years or over
• Have no criminal record
• Be of good character
• Pass a background checking process
• Be able to source the required funds and to provide proof of those finds
• Be in good general health
Note: Investors may apply with their families which include a spouse and any dependent children. In certain cases, they may also submit an application with dependent elderly relatives such as parents or grandparents.

Benefits of citizenship by investment in Dominica

• Full citizenship
• Dual citizenship
• The ability to travel visa-free to more than 130 countries (including the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, North and South America, Oceania and Asia)
• Low application fees
• Fast processing times
• Stability politically, socially and economically
• No requirement to speak English
• No need for an interview
• No capital gains tax, foreign income, inheritance or gift tax
• No requirement to spent any time in Dominica, either before, during or after citizenship is granted

How can someone invest in Dominica?

An applicant and their family may achieve citizenship by investment in one of the following ways:
• A single contribution to the EDP (Economic Diversification Fund)
• By investing in pre-approved real estate

Economic Diversification Fund (EDF)

The EDF option has long proven to be the most desirable, perhaps as there is no long term financial commitment.

The Economic Diversification Fund itself is a pool of money set aside by the government to support economic development in Dominica. The minimum contribution an applicant must make is US$100,000. Euros and British Pounds are also accepted.

Investment in Pre-approved Real Estate

Applicants who choose this pathway must buy property in Dominica in order to obtain their citizenship. Once citizenship is achieved, they must also not sell the property for at least 3 years. If the individual wishes to sell on the property to another individual who is applying for citizenship by investment, then it must be retained for a minimum of 5 years.

The total amount of investment in the property must amount to at least US$200,000. British Pounds and Euros are also accepted.