Bois Cotlette

attachmentADDRESS: Soufriere, P.O Box 2375, Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, WI 0109

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  • Bois Cotlette Estate is located in the southwest of Dominica, near the community of Soufriere
  • Bois Cotlette Estateis located in the outskirts of a small fishing village named Soufriere, 7 miles south of the capital city Roseau.
  • The Estate is nestled in a valley 1000 feet above sea level in the spectacular Morne Plat Pays volcanic complex. Bois Cotlette benefits from the privacy, cool breezes, and mosquito-free environment that the surrounding mountains have to offer while also having direct access to both the therapeutic sulfur pools and the gorgeous Soufriere-Scotts Head Marine Reservefrom the entrance of the Bois Cotlette Estate road
  • The Bois Cotlette Estate is 53 acres of self sufficiency.  Thgis resort grows their own food, source their own water, and generate their own green energy.
  • 53 acres of land.
  • Bois Cotlette’s 200+ year history in cocoa and coffee endeavors, they continue to shape and cultivate in the pursuit of turning our organic cocoa and coffee beans into premium Bois Cotlette Estate Coffee and Chocolates.
  • The west side of land is approximately 35 acres.  Currently about 5 acres are in cocoa and one acre in coffee.  One half acre is used for chickens, (free range) and rabbits (not free range).  Another half acre is used predominantly in cultivation of Dominica’s 10 varieties of bananas.
  • In spite of the fact that there are stone terraces supporting coffee trees on the east side of land, these 15 acres have such a steep escarpment that they are considered unusable for farming today.  Therefore have fenced in that rough, mountainous terrain and let the goats roam free.
  • The three acres in the valley are where you will find Bois Cotlette’s historic ruins, the recently renovated Maison, and its spectacular factory courtyard.  Just to the south of the Maison is the 1/2 acre Planter’s Herb Garden which provides all of the seasonings for the Bois Cotlette kitchen